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Synergy provides turnkey solutions for the decontamination and sterilisation of reusable invasive medical devices for hospitals, primary healthcare and dental practices. Synergy manages the regulatory, economic and healthcare environments around the provision and maintenance of those medical instruments to allow service providers and practitioners free to deliver world class care and procedures. If you have any questions get in touch here.


Each set of instruments to be decontaminated and sterilised will follow the process outlined below: process-img-1 Upon receipt of RIMD, Synergy will inspect quality & quantity of items against the checklist prior to cleaning and disinfection. At this time non-conformances will be documented and forwarded to Client. RIMD will be given appropriate manual Cleaning and preparation followed by an automated mechanical wash and thermal Disinfection cycle with validated equipment. All RIMD will be dried, Inspected for cleanliness & functionality, lubricated and prepared for packaging based on predefined computerized checklists. RIMD will be packaged in appropriate pouches, wrappers and containers that comply with legislative requirements. RIMD will be Sterilised in validated steam autoclaves (pre-vacuum).After cooling the RIMD will be given a final quality assessment to ensure integrity. Items will then be placed in appropriate transport trolleys that are enclosed and lockable and Transported to Client. RIMD will then be delivered to Client and upon receipt Client will carry out a Quality assessment and report any non-conformances and Stored in designated areas in theatre ready for Use. After use by Client, the RIMD will be returned to their original tray with the instrument tray checklist ensuring the barcode is clearly visible. The trolley of RIMD is then returned to the designated collection point for Transportation back to Synergy.